Descriptive study

Managed in a small area,what out stands this bungalow is it’s unique and creative elevation treatment.The house features a small backyard garden and a fountain and pond which enhances the aesthetic property of the house.

The entrance of the house was from North and a parking space of  12 ‘ – 2 ‘’ x 9 ’ – 2 “ was managed right after the entrance. Entering the house,the space below staircase was utilsed as a sitting space while tieing and untieng shoelaces. The Ground floor consisted of living room and a open kitchen and dining area. Entering the house,foyer space was at the same level, then 3 steps up i.e. 1’ – 6 ” lied our open kitchen and dining area, as per living room was at same level as the foyer space. Right after the entrance to the house, there was a common toilet opposite to the sitting area below stairs.

Living room of 19 ‘ – 4 “ x 12 ‘ – 6 “  and ceiling height of 8 ‘ –  5 “  was a passage way to unique cantilever attached to the wall. What enhanced the living room was the cantilever joining living room with the backyard with a fountain and pond.

UPVC door was used as opening for the cantilever,different kinds of lighting at the entrance,living room,kitchen was one intresting thing about the house.Kitchen followed the kitchen triangle and had been provided by suffiecient windows for natural lighting.Dining table for four family members was seen even from the entrance. The flooring at entrance foyers space and kitchen was done by marble and paraquet for living room. Proceeding towards the first floor,a huge hollow circle in the wall was seen as we took few steps towards the first floor. This hollowness in the wall had allowed direct passage of natural light and had add up to uniqueness of the house.First floor which consisted of one master bedroom with attached bathroom and closet,and two bedrooms and a commom bathroom. Each of the bedrooms had their access to their own balconies.

Proceeding to the second floor,it consisted of a utility room, guest bedroom, study room and open terrece. The open terrace had was used for drying the clothes, utility room consisted of a wc, sink and washing machine which was separated by partition wall, other other half of the utility room was supposed to be used for ironing, but for now it was used as a storage area.

The study room was utilized as office as well as a study room, it also had attached bathroom.

The guest room was also linked with its own balcony.

The top floor consist of puja room and open terrace, the terrace consisted solar panels and a skylight opening.