12 years of schooling, 2 years of high school and 6 years of undergraduate course, all these have created a remarkable memory inside my heart and memory. Final 1825 days of architecture course I can never forget where half a dozens of back paper, NQ certificates (failure certificates) surrounded my concentration and passion in architecture. I can hardly remember my success eras during these 5 years except the recently concluded final year thesis defence. Final 35 minutes Thesis defence was a moment to list it as a productive session during my entire life. I thank to entire crew member behind the scene and whole final year jury member for constructive criticism.

I would like to mention my deep sense of appreciation for Artudio family especially my mentor Kailash K Shrestha, Biken Ranjit and Chemi dorje where I learned element of art which guided me to further realize the architecture world through art and photography. These 5 years of journey would not have been possible without the full support and motivation from Artudio family.

I would like to acknowledge my gratitude to my primary school teacher Shankar BC (my first mentor and guru who taught me drawing and reading books). A big ‘Thank You’ to founder of Satyam Xaviers school and Tulasi mehar memorial school where I did my schooling with numerous scholarship scheme. Without Ashis sir, Ram Prasad sir, Mohan Lama sir and Badri sir my education journey would not have been possible. Further, I am grateful to teachers Rubina Shrestha, Nawaraj sir, Dinesh sir, Madhav Prasad adhikari sir, Indira mam and Lekh nath adhikari sir.

For this years long architecture journey, I would first like to thank deeply my Thesis Supervisor and Senior Lecturer Sweta Shrestha. Without her motivation and kind acceptance of my thesis research plan along with her care, support and encouragement during the research and design period, this architecture design thesis would not have been possible. My sincere thanks I would like to give to Er. Mahendra Raj Dhital, Ar. Sailesh Gorkhali, Ar. Sujeet Rai, Ar. Yazma Raj Bhandari, Dr. Bharat Sharma, Ar. Suman Meher Shrestha, Ar. Sagun Maharjan, Ar. Prabina Shrestha, Ar. Prajal Pradhan, Ar. Dip Pandey, Ar. Rabita Raj Karnikar, Ar. Pranita Sharma Pandey, Ar. Anjana Shrestha Baidhya, Ar. Swati Pujari and Lecturer Pratibha Manandhar for constantly motivating me during my entire five year academic architecture period and one year thesis journey.

I would like to thank entire panel of the jury members Principal Chand Shumsher Rana, Head of department Kailash Shrestha, Associate Professor Padma Jeev Tamrakar, Lecturer Ashim Ratna Bajracharya, Lecturer Subash Phuyal, Lecturer Suchita Bajracharya, Reader Rajesh Thapa, Er. Ashish Kc, Er. Harshikesh Karna, Er. Ramesh Kaphle, Er. Bimal Bhattarai, Ar. Umesh Dhimal, Ar. Anju Malla Pradhan, Professor Sriniwas BS Kansakar, Er. Manchan Tiwari and Ar. Prajwal Hada who provided me critical review on my thesis plan during the entire thesis presentation series.

My best thanks also to information officer of IHUB Tshering Tamang along with librarian and staffs Anup Kumar Shrestha, Bindu Shrestha, Mangala Shrestha for their kind support and assistance in providing digital learning space for resource and information collection. Profound thanks goes to supporting staffs of US embassy and Federation of Nepalese chambers of commerce and industry (FNCCI) family for reason behind the establishment of innovation hub at American space where I surpassed 150+ days for research and design development.

Innovation Hub at FNCCI (photocredit:IHUB)

For general suggestions and motivations in the research and design I would like to show gratitude to Ar. Pratik Lohani for kindly reading and criticizing my thesis research proposal. Deep thanks goes to my intimate partner Anoj Regmi, Saurav Bhardwaj, Saurab Adhikari, Bhasan Gurung, and Swornima Shakya.

Also thanks goes to my intimate friend Gopal Dev, Nabin Chaudhary, Shyam Chaudhary, Anju Maharjan, Anami Bohora, Shirjana Shrestha, Hisi Lani Lasa, Anish Bhusal, Aakash Bhochibhoya, Gaurav Maskey, Ranjit Puri, Rojina Shrestha, Sadikchhya Bastola, Yam Rahadi Magar, Raju Rai, Prateek Ratna Shakya, Sujan Shilpakar, Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Chahana Paudel, Jayjen Shrestha, Amrit karki, Ambhu Prasad Shah, Samjhana Bhattarai and Nirjala Maharjan for constantly motivating me to strive excellence in architecture.

My sincere thanks goes to my juniors Mandeep Shrestha, Aarati Thapa, Barsha Malla Thakuri, Bipina Bhandari, Nisha Pradhan, Krisha Shrestha, Subham Adhikari, Sudeep Acharya, Aayush Shrestha, Ashish KC, Biki Sah, Bishop Shrestha, Lujja Manandhar, Priya Shrestha, Anugya Pradhan, Shreenika Manandhar, Mahima Shrestha, Deepa gurung, Ojaswi Shrestha, Anushka Raj Bhandari and Aadesh Raj Sharma  for being a part of my thesis.  Thanks to Om Surybamshi Magar for tirelessly supporting me behind every jury presentation.


I would like to thank to the entire team of Life school centre, Harsar and Mithila Wildlife trust, Dhanusadham for their help and assistance in providing resource material on Dhanusa and its architecture. My best thanks goes to Kamal Kumar Pankaj (Founding member) and Satya Narayan (Programme Officer) of Life school centre for providing me warm hospitality during my month’s long research period at Dhanusa, Nepal. Also I would like to thank to Dev Narayan Mandal, Rabindra Sharma, Ganesh Sah, Rabi Sharma, Amarnath Yadav, Kalpana Yadav, Lalita Mukhiya and Rambabu Sah of Mithila Wildlife Trust for site visit and guided tour at Dhanusadham.

My grateful thanks also go to my parents Rajendra Baniya and Sarita Baniya who always give me their tender carefulness from my hometown Hetauda, and to my Baniya family, sister Prakriti Bhandari and Jaya Shilpakar and my brother Saurav Shrestha, Anand Manandhar, Shailesh Dhamala, Success Dhamala and Bikku Shrestha who gave me motivation and encouragement deep in my heart during my architecture journey. Also thanks goes to my respected senior Subesh Thapa, Toran Prasad Pandit, Satyendra Bhattarai, Robin Sah, Biswa Chaudhary, Sebak Shrestha, Rashmi Sharma, Pawan Rupakheti, Dwarika Bhattarai, Sanjay Neupane, Simal Shrestha, Sabin Maharjan, Sijan PJB Rana, Prabal Batajo, Pallavi Shrestha, Sadikshya Gautam, Sadichchha Shrestha, Garima Nakarmi, Sangita Thapa, Sandika Paudel, Kabina Pandey, Shristi Kuikel, Mukesh Maharjan, Samir Adhikari, Markendya Man Singh Pradhan, Mahesh Maharjan, Suman Limbu, Sainaz Bajracharya, Ina Sthapit, Dipesh Pradhan, Kiran Basu, Sona Bade, Surendra Subba, Sagar Chaudhary and Surendra Luitel.

My deep thank goes to all the staffs and senior architect at Needleweave architect’s studio, A for architecture, Radiant consultancy and Build up Nepal. I am very grateful to the ABC communication along with Prism color scanning and press support pvt. ltd Kuleswor, Kathmandu  as a printing partner.

Lastly thanks goes to the master who created and develped trimble sketchup, adobe photoshop  and sketch up layout. My deep thanks goes to Nick Sonder Architects who provided me confidence in completing architecture thesis by using sketchup only.

Thank you so much for your time, love and support to wordpress blog where I enjoyed this 5 years with hunger and energy.

The detail models and drawing on the final year graduation thesis will be available on Thesis Exhibition 2017 which is going to be held on September 20 at institute of enginnering, Pulchowk campus from 11 am to 4 pm.


The full set digital book of architecture design thesis on life school centre, dhanusadham will be published soon.

Lots of love !!