After a magnificent success of Taragaon museum as a venue partner during the inaugural edition of Kathmandu Triennale, the first contemporary exhibition space of Nepal went for a vacuum isolation for architecture students and enthusiast to sense the void space of Red bricks and barrel vault. The museum space was displayed with bare wall and empty floor to experience the regular enclosed volume in terms of architectural materiality and space.



Taragaon museum was originally designed as a hostel space by Austrian architect Carl Pruscha in 1972 where it went massive restoration and curation under the team of Natasha Mittal Saraf, Niels Gutschow, and Thomas Schrom to function as Museum and exhibition space now a day.



On April 20 Museum Director Roshan Mishra presented a guided tour of the Museum and communicated about the restoration process of the former Taragaon Hostel with a group of architecture students from Himalaya college of engineering and Kathmandu engineering college. During the hour-long directed sightsee of Taragaon museum director Mishra concentrated on the intervention approach and methodology on the restoration process along with the adaptive scheme of the Taragaon hostel to function as a modern-day exhibition space.


The characteristic of natural lighting with steel cased window frame along with the artificial lighting were overviewed by museum director Roshan Mishra. The structural modification and progression were also argued along with astonishing rainwater drainage system which still functions today without any repair required.


This was the first kind of architecture guided tour held in Nepal for an architecture student. Since the Taragaon museum got the majority of visitors during a weeklong Kathmandu Triennale where more than 90 architecture student volunteered as a part of production and engagement schedule, every architecture student volunteers and visitors was inquisitive with the architecture exquisiteness of museum space.


The participants during the guided tour believed that this kind of architecture guided tour will benefit them during their academic semester project to design the exhibition space. Also, they were glad to be familiarized with the contemporary architecture style of architect Carl Pruscha who designed the current exhibition space which was formerly the hostel.


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