Post report: February 19,2017

Text/Photos: Anju Maharjan

Graphics: AFA

AFA Talks is an interactive session held every Friday by A For Architecture at Chakupat, Lalitpur as informal information interchange between the members through videos, presentation and discussions.
AFA Talks: Community Welfare Through Architecture was the first session open to Architects and non-architects as an initiation of sharing ideas over bigger mass discussing issues and probable solutions, directed on Sunday (19th Feb., 2017) instead of usual Friday.


The event embraced the works completed by Emergency Architects Foundation all over the world specifically in Nepal and discussion on issues and impacts of these projects.

Laure Jie, one of the emergency architects assigned for Nepal, presented the objective and process applied during the rebuilding. She began the presentation introducing Emergency Architects Foundation (EA) (a French NGO that intervenes in post catastrophic periods in order to help the community to rebuild). Emergency…

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