Concept/Master plan: Saurav Bhardwaj and Swornima Shakya

Graphics/Illustration: Shirshak Baniya

Road details: Bhasan Gurung

Row house details: Shirshak Baniya

To get access to project overview, site details and programme parameters click here.

The sheets attached here shows our conceptual frame work and design scheme for the Community development for the 1000 families in the urban fringe of Bhaktapur which we presented during our midterm analysis phase in front of jurors and planners.




Red-Detached housing unit, White hatched : Row housing unit, Light lemon: Duplex housing unit, Light grey: Government services and public facilities

Master plan sheet layout:

Since this neighbourhood planning was a huge project which me and my group members had never handled before, that became very difficult to communicate entire 26 hectare of land and our design features. We came up with idea to break up one big sheet of master plan into smaller component.

Instead of coloring and rendering one big master plan we divided the entire master plan into series of component as shown below.

This helped us to communicate the component of design smoothly and we didn’t missed a single important design parameter to share to our jurors. It became easy for us to handle master plan by dividing into smaller headlines which also made juror to receive a volume of work.




Road detailsshirshakbaniya-copyright-sayami-coperative_0292

Row house details



3d Massing Sheet layout:

Through intense research on sheet layout at Pinterest and arch, we came up with an idea to make one big site 3d at one corner which was followed by 3 minor illustrations.




Usually many students divide sheet equally and they put up renders equally sized. Doing so it makes viewers a puzzle about which render is important? What to see at first??

That’s why our sheet layout was equipped with one big 3d of the site covering 60 percent of the sheet and later on viewer’s eye will follow to minor 3 renders which we had placed to communicate tiny components of the 3d of site.


Juror’s comment:

Less unused open space at detached housing colony (Red blocks in 3d)

High density row housing since we had provided less open space and improper market areas at row house

Two entry point access still needed more input and work as we had no proper circulation and entry ambience.

Agricultural land was not properly managed with supportive functional area like food grain store, rice mill, training center for farmer etc.

Stay with blog for Prefinal development and analysis.