Semester six, Design studio VI, Final Design Defence date: 2072-5-24

Araniko exhibition and convention center at Teku bhansar marg, kathmandu

Head supervisor: Ar. Sujeet rai, Kathmandu engineering college (KEC), Department of architecture

Design consultant and advisor : Ar. Saurav Shrestha, Ar. Anand manandhar and Team Needleweave architect studio

With due thanks to Lecturer Subash phuyal, Lecturer Sulav Nepal, Lecturer Pratibha manandhar for valuable comments, feedbacks, criticism and design solution in every step of the design process from conceptual phase to final defence.

Dedicated to Ar. Shailesh Gorkhali and Lecturer Shweta shrestha for guidance and mentorship since first year studio project.

With special thanks to Abhishek Sorampuri BA06 ARC019 VNIT Nagpur india for sharing his design work of international convention and exhibition center at

Without Abhishek Sorampuri’s vision in designing a convention and exhibition center this Araniko exhibition and convention center would not have been possible. Lots of thanks to A. Sorampuri for sharing his architectural design thesis on open source web platform.

I came up to share this my one year old design project for KEC architecture juniors which will help them a lot to prepare for their final design defence.

Picture credit (Final defence): Aslesha basnet