Nijgadh lies in Bara District in Nepal. This town/municipality was previously called Nijgadh village. But now the existing Nijgadh town/municipality is composed of previous Nijgadh VDC, Ratnapuri VDC and Bharatganj Singaul VDC.

Historical Backgroud of the settelment : The Nijgadh settlement is said to be around 300 years old according to local web portal source. The tribe called KACHADIYA was the aborigines and they settled at the jungle to be safe from attack from Muslim. And thus the settlement started.

After 2024 BS the east west highway project crossed the heart of the Nijgadh and Later on the people from Hetauda city migrated here for various purposes making a settlement dense through the highway axis.

Nijgadh was targeted as a site for an international airport that could handle 15 million passengers. Also a Fast track road network is also planned to join capital Kathmandu from Nijgadh. However both of these constructions are being obstructed due to multiple political and financial crises. 17 years ago the starting preliminary study for international airport was done and the hope continues. Airport would cover 3,000 hectares of land in which 2,000 hectares for airport and the remaining 1,000 for the development of airport city.

(Source: and Wikipedia)


Total Population – 19,614

Total Household – 3986

(Source – National Population and Housing Census 2011)

The vernacular and traditional architecture here at nijgadh has its own antique elements and detail in the exterior geometry. Around 3 dozen traditional houses were destroyed in these area due to earthquake 2015.

I have prepared the graphical bars and charts to demonstrate the variety of architectural system of construction of Nijgadh from census report 2011 AD. The graph below shows the quantitative analysis of the household pattern here at Nijgadh.

I would like to give lots of thanks for the local youth of nijgadh who are consistently giving their best effort to update the home site . Without this website my analysis would have been limited in small pictures only. Thanks to Nabin Thapa for keeping me in his back of the bike and I was constantly shooting the pictures from moving motorbike thus the pictures are limited in exterior view only.

The modernism has influenced the Traditional system of construction here at Nijgadh too. The RCC construction has started to dominate the beauty and elegance of traditional construction. Aluminium composite panels (ACP) are being preferred here at highway axis.

Total Households by foundation of house/housing unit

Mud bonded bricks/stone – 518

Cement bonded bricks/stone – 898

RCC with Pillar – 126

Wooden pillar – 2370

Others – 41

Not Stated – 29

Total Households by roof of house/housing unit


Galvanized Iron – 131

Tile /slate – 3117

RCC – 591

Wood/Planks – 27

Mud – 0

Others  – 7

Not Stated – 36

Households by outer wall of house/housing unit

Mud bonded bricks/stone – 658

Cement bonded bricks/stone – 1125

Wood/planks – 1918

Bamboo – 223

Unbaked brick  – 3

Others – 24

Not Stated- 31

Ownership of house/housing unit

 Owned – 3,734

Rented – 210

Institutional – 3

Others – 35