Location : Chauni Hospital Road,Kathmandu,Nepal

Architect : Shailesh Gorkhali

Owner : Dinker Shrestha

Managed in an land area of 2669.34 square feet,  the elevation treatment of curves stands out the house, exterior of the house has a small garden and a sitting area, what adds up to the aesthetic beauty is the maintenance of every simple details.

The secondary road of 9 feet wide is connected to residence with a gate size of 3 meter. The entrance to the house was leveled up. The ground floor consist of a lavish living room with bar ,kitchen and dining area and children bedroom.

Skylight and fountain as the centre of attraction of the room and on both sides of the fountain was a home-bar, and a wine, bottle shaped subtraction was made on the wall which was used as alcohol cabinet.

Another skylight was for the kitchen area,which had made the house bright,kitchen followed the kitchen triangle and had an acces to backyard. Dining for five is set up attached to the wall, dining area also gives access to the children room. Proceeding to the first floor,it consistof master bed room , and two other bedroom and a balcony.

Proceeding to second floor, it consisted of puja room, bathroom, and open terrace consisting solar water heater.

Adding up to the socio-cultural aspect,the contemporary room had its own unique feature,the traditional newari akhijhyaa had the most eyecatching view in this room. The open terrace had its own features like separate bar for parties, speakers were set up at different part of the house,even at terrace. “Maintenance is a difficult task”  said the owner.

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The illustration details of the elevation and plans and the are attached