One day after the Tika ceremony at maternal uncle house (Tarahara ; 10 KM away from Itahari) me and my mom had short local trip upto Urlabari. Our first destination was Gachiya and headed towards Gothgaun (village of cattle shed) and had a one night stay at Pathri-sanischare  and our trip was followed with a one hour stay at Urlabari, Kanepokhari and Khorsani.  In those mean times while my mom was busy chatting with relatives, I was almost active with my Nokia cell phone camera, taking pictures and observing the elements of architecture at Terai. While moving to the inner village of those locations, we often had a walk rather moving on rickshaw from the main East-West highway axis.

Gachiya :

The settlement is based on a two side along the straight east west highway. Many years ago the land was used primarily as a agriculture purpose but due to rapid population growth and increase in living standard of people living at hill (Dhankuta,Khadbari,Therathum), people started a urban settlement here. Even my mom’s maternal uncle living at Gachiya had just come from hilly belt (Dhankuta) to settle there. This shows the movement of human settlement from hill side to terai zone as there is better facility of infrastructure and close access to city town like Biratnagar, Birtamod, Kakadvitta etc.

The highway has been well landscaped with a pair of trees on both sides. However its quantity is being decreasing day by day. The residential exterior form is carved with high ornamentation (Butta in nepali). Every dwelling space and commercial complex is constructed with adequate setback of around 15 feet away from the highway which minimizes the chances of destruction due to road expansion.

Gothgaun :

With a tempo ride from Gachiya we arrived at Gothgaun. The residential space at Gothgaun is a mixed type. The tall concrete frame structure can been seen in the highway side, and the inner village offers the sense of vernacular with slope roof style and local building material. The open courtyard is provided in front of the houses and trees (mostly of supari) are well landscaped with the surrounding creating cool micro climatic factors.

Khorsane :

Kanepokhari : Small hotels are mostly located here.

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