This is the follow up post of  Dhankuta dairy : day 1 & day 2

Architecture and Landscape observation.

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Third day morning I did some sun rise shoot and after meal we headed to Dhankuta hospital through the market place.

After that me and my mom has short trip to Hile again and from there we returned back to Nigale. We arrived at Debrebaas from Nigale by walking down the hill observing the human settlement and countryside lifestyle.

Finally the day came to leave my trip at Dhankuta. That my last night at Dhankuta. That was from microbus window I just only pass by the Bhedetar, I had never put off my feet there to click some images. I had planned to reached at Bhedetar from Devrebaas, Dhankuta at around  7:00 am for a soft sun light for better pictures and landscape. So I went early to the bed that night.

Alarm ringed through series of interval and finally I woke up at around 4:30 am. Packing bags,camera and tripod my days at Dhankuta was about to be over. But getting up too early at 4:30 am in the morning was my wrong decision as I didn’t get any vehicle to reach the destination Bhedetar. I got first microbus at around 6:00 am which was coming from Hile. Between these one hours of long wait, I passed those time with two cups of tea and sunrise shoot from the near by waiting zone (mini bus stop). As my core focus was to catch the bus to leave, focusing on both the photo shoot and coming bus, I didn’t got the perfect sunrise shot. Hope these images works 🙂

_MG_0597 copy

_MG_0620 copy

Suddenly after a wait two vacant seat at microbus pulled me and my mom. Our trip to Bhedetar started.

That was after some hours of ride, we reached Bhedetar. The sunny sun, blue sky, stunning hills, windy roads, green vegetation and sophisticated human settlement the Bhedetar serves as the entry point of Dhankuta district.

. Me along with my mom had some short walk to reach Charles tower. Charles tower is named as prince Charles from Britain had come there once. The tower is a three storied octagonal plan based concrete frame structure with steel railing and a single flight steel staircase. Tower serves a café on the ground floor, which during my visited there was closed. People were allowed to climb upto two storey only. Most of the visitors were from the educational tour programme busy with taking pictures. View of terai belt and himlayan belt both can be seen simultaneously from the tower.

The best view of Bhedetar can be observed form the platform of Charles tower. The dwelling structures are some modern concrete in style and some are vernacular in form with corrugated iron sheets as a roofing material with majority of slope roof. Bhedetar settlement is based on circular form with a staute of Kiratologist Iman Singh Chemjhong. He was a limbu historian and philosopher who studied and documented the tradition and culture of kirat as kirat period was a earlier form in Nepalese history.

From a local bus coming from Rajarani me and my mom left Bhedetar and arrived at Dharan. Again we have to changed the bus and after 15 minutes of bus ride we arrived at Tarahara.

The whole four days was great for me and mom. Human settlement, country side, hill station, urban form, vernacular architecture, modernization ; its effect and impact, culture, tradition, monuments, market form and climatic variation were the major subjects I experienced during those four day visit to Dhankuta.