Experimenting with the daylight and the city scape till volume 16, i thought to document the  evening scape and night scene of some most spectacular architectural masterpeice of kathmandu valley. I have started with Rana palaces and monuments to study some of the elements of neo classical design that i used to study at my architecture lecture class. In this blog post i have focused more on interior and exterior lightings, the essence of such lightings in architecture, about how it connects the reconnects the sense of place and feeling between the human being and Architecture structure. Here are some of the images of Garden of dreams located at the city of kathmandu. Technically i failed to capture the pure lights, sites and surrounding due to the lens failure. Sorry for this 🙂 To have more information on this project you can google on it. After that i will be travelling to Babermahal revisited, Kathmandu one of the another finest example of restoration project by Architect Eric theopile. Stay connected and see you soon.