Text and Image by : Shirshak Baniya

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Seventeen graduating students of KU Art (centre for art and design) through their culmination of four years of academic session and practical studio work are exhibiting their final graduation show at Nepal art council here from august 1. The participating students includes Bikash Tamakhu, Kiran Maharjan, Kiran Rai, Kshitiz Gyawali, Niroj Maharjan, Matthias Plank, Prabal Bikram Shah, Prakash Ranjit, Pramod Thapa, Prajwal Bhattarai, Ramesh Kadayat, Saroj Lamichhane, Tsewang Lama, Anish Bajracharya, Bhawana Tulachan, Shreejan Shrestha, Ubahang Limbu. The final project show were mentored by the experts and faculty members of Kuart during their six month of hard work and dedication which includes the painting, product design, illustration, video installation art, etc.

Prakash Ranjit’s (Beyond our cover) art work is focused on ability and qualities of masculine and feminine character through paintings and video installation art work.

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Tsewang lama (lost) demonstrates the adverse effect of haphazard and unplanned modernization and its impact through his paintings.

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At next exhibition hall Matthias Plank (Alter) uses his digital paintings and illustration to express his imaginative world with new kind of creatures with a very good detailing in the part to whole character of those new creature.

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In next display room Designer Anish Bajracharya (Evolution Series) communicates with the viewers with his new and unique identity of an element from the old or a new subjects and objects. Moreover the makeup of the character of the shoe is boldly displayed in his final display.

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Shreejan Shrestha with his illumine lamps displays his ability in product design through local materials which are very much used and needed in our practical daily life.

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Bhawana Tulachan (Koseli) with her product design work, she reminds the functionality of traditional craft material during old days which can be made functional in today’s modern age.rights.www.shirshakbaniya.wordpress.com_1965 copy

Illustrator Ubahang Limbu (A place called home) shares his thought for a better and powerful illustration in today’s children’s book for a good visual communication and understanding.

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In the upper floor of the gallery Ramesh Kadayat (Nirasha vitra  ko aasa) uses the numerous sculpture of horses to describe the necessity of space and basic right for Kamaiya community.

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Whereas Pramod Thapa uses the art of sound to make consciousness about the modern living and its effect on human lifestyle which results production of waste material and effect on natural resources that the mother earth has.

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Kshitiz Gyawali (Navarasa) shares his feeling of expression of different facial look and portraits of human through new kind of technique of painting.

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Niroj Maharjan (Wishes) used the different sizes of mask of deity bhairav along with the text written on the mask face to overcome from the state of confusion by worshipping the deity bhairav.

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Prabal Bikram Shah (ekadeshma) uses the medium of paintings which has the story board based on the interior of newspaper.

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Saroj Lamichhane (Burnt landscape) represents pollution caused due to the brick kiln chimney through the paintings from brick dust.

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Prajwal Bhattarai (Beauty) has used the various parts of old bicycle and its junk to create the feelings through the sensation of sound and light. The motion of ball and the power of movement, the shape and the path ways are the main element of his art work of one tall bicycle game.

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Bikash Tamakhu (obstructed identity) shows the power of sculptural element of Nepalese architecture like struts, toranas, wood carvings; its detoriation and downfall of its value due to major modern structure.

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Kiran Maharjan (Those and us) uses a medium of paintings and sculpture to show the process of death and decay in various objects.

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Kiran Rai (Myths and Motion) in his kinetic and movable sculpture of creatures from Nepali mythology, he shows the mechanical movement of those creatures.

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Thanks goes to Kuart for this brilliant exhibition and art works and best wishes to all the 17 particiapting graduates for their art journey. And to all my Artudio family for providing a wonderful company there.