This was my first visit at ACME engineering college to observe the thesis 2014 about how the design process and design phenomenon evolves in our senior during their thesis project. But my core focus was to observe the new material used and discovered in the thesis model making process as that was my main subject of interest. I was involved in the model making process of Convention and Exhibition Centre by Pawan Rupakheti. It was hard for me to remember the all those stuffs through one glance. So i decided to make pictures in the half time. I have tried my best to mention the name and thesis topic of respective candidate in photos, however due to time constraint and other reason i was unable to distinguish the thesis model of the beholder and their name as a caption. There may be some mistake in the mentioned name. Hope you like the album and will be useful for the future work of your design process. Comments and ratings are highly welcomed. Thank you.

ACME Thesis 2014 : Final Presentation Models