Every day a new day, every moment. A moment to be captured, everyday ups and downs, everyday satisfaction and dissatisfaction. This is what we faced being in architecture. Case studies are more fun, more than that they always helped us on enhancing our potential. And the memories that every case study leave are awesome. Unforgettable !!! during our pre school case study, we had really hard times to make the concerned authority, to allow us to have the research. With time consuming request, we were allowed to do the same. However photos and measurement were not allowed. But this created memory,the time when we were clicking photos through our cell when one of us was enrolling with the person.

Empty stomachs and tired faces have become the important characters of our case study. Working times after the case studies were more fun. Obviously the late nights and the working. That was too tiresome and we even forgot about the evening meal. Our working tables were all full of materials. Was too messy. Even the beds. Tired eyes and body,same dirty clothes for many days. We looked really pathetic. And we didnt even realized that we were sleeping 5 people on the same single bed during our work.

Here are our final works.


Case Study on Montessori Pre School by BARSHA ADHIKARI (69008) EURIKA MASKEY (69012) NEHA JAISWAL (69019) NIRANJANA THAPA (69021) PREETI GURUNG (69027)